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Fresque diplomatique

French artist aNa international performance invites people to take part of it.


Paint workshop with a french artist in Soudan with fine art students.

French artist aNa travel to share an artistic experiment with anybody, in a 1 hour and half program…


aNa spend a week in Soudan, invited by French institut to work on diplomatic relationship by using art.


Paint'Tube in Khartoum fine arts University / Movie Here

Paint'Tube with womens imagining there own life ina 10 years Futur / Movie Here

Collaboration with Soudanese artist Waleed Warrag / Movie Here

Vidjing rooftop party with Dj Sufyan / Movie Here


Video anaystof



French artist aNa Set up a street art "slides of lives" happening concept in Khartoum University with students professors and Chairman brought by French Institut director Nathalie Caze.


L’artiste Francaise aNa réalise un happening de son concept "tranches de vies" à l’Université de Khartoum à l’intention des élèves, professeurs et du doyen de la faculté.