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MY-ART-BOX & l'artiste aNa…


aNa propose des services et solutions qu'elle distribue via sa marque MYARTBOX My Art Box

Elle se déplace CHEZ VOUS, afin de créer AVEC vos groupes une œuvre commune originale in-situ.

Ou bien vous choisissez un de ses produits en pack ou kit (PLAY ART) pour concevoir une fresque à sa manière, mais sans elle.

NOUVEAU : Elle vous accompagne maintenant en VISIO CONFERENCE :

- lors de Team Building Hybride (nous vous adressons du matériel au préalable)

- en webinaire 100% en ligne avec des groupes de 2 à 1000 personnes (


CONTACT / 06 45 10 61 93 / MENU

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Nouveau : Télétravail Webinaire Digital

Créez une œuvre d'art à distance suivant un protocole

ludique et convivial avec tous vos amis

ou collaborateurs du MONDE ENTIER.


How to promote a brand new product by an interactive entertainment with an artist

How to stand out and leave an original souvenir when:
- a product presentation
- inauguration
- a cocktail
- a meeting
- a living room
- a street marketing operation
- ...

If you wish to impress the minds of an assembly, it is possible to set up an interactive activity allowing the live production of a piece of souvenir art.

The street artist aNa welcomes your guests around a workshop of decoration of your products. It involves each person individually and freely:
- directly on your product if you want to keep it on display as a contemporary work of art
- around your product on a transparent surface surrounding the offer. This special surface allows to keep a cylindrical fresco or to expose flat.

aNa has a dedicated structure to study your project and propose a suitable solution: MYARTBOX.

Together, they:
- study your specifications
- propose a numerical answer
- install the solution
- welcome your guests
- animate the workshop
- install the work in your premises
- optionally, we can even offer derivative products and replicas of your sculpture / product

In a very short time (minimum 1h) or the time of an evening, a day or even for the duration of a show, the artist and his team makes sure to involve your guests and visitors.
This allows them to be physically involved in building a common memory. An individual prints a much better event when it is set in motion by participating in an atypical concrete activity.
A simple and accessible artistic concept makes it possible to participate in something positive and rewarding. No person or personality present or passing can imagine making a significant contribution to a true work of art to exhibit.
All are surprised.
Once the work is exhibited or presented, they are also valued and flattered.

This unclassifiable artist provides tailor-made services for you around her universal artistic approach: aNa strives every time to fully involve the public in its creative process.
She works in France and abroad.
From 1000 € ht.

Above all, in addition to offering:
- a prestigious animation
- a transversal and accessible activity
- a shared memory
- a work to exhibit
- ...
It is also possible to organize, on public events like a show or a street marketing activity, a data and data recovery. Indeed, participants are invited to leave their contact details on a global list, in order to send them at a later date practical information or advantages:
- invitation to an opening or hanging of the work
- indication as to the final place of exhibition of the work
- thank you card
- official certificate of participation
- image or souvenir film
- reduced reproduction of the work
- ...

This simple and user-friendly principle allows:
- animating
- create a positive, creative and artistic atmosphere
- to manage flows of people
- to occupy an assembly while waiting for a speech, a demonstration, a visit, ...
- to build a database or data
- to keep a common memory to exhibit.

aNa has been providing tailored services since 1999.
Feel free to visit our channels and subscribe to be informed of our latest videos.

direct contact :
00 33 (0) 6 45 10 61 93

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